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Meet Calie

“I have always loved decorating for all seasons, especially fall.  I love an orange pumpkin! Couple that with my entrepreneurial spirit and Calie’s Acre was born!”

In 2009 our home was on one acre of land.  I had one acre and a lot of tenacity! Mother and I sat down, came up with a name, and decided what we were going to do. Though I was a single mom to Ryan, who was 11, I took a leap of faith and quit my job of 13 years to start a pumpkin patch.  I brought in some pumpkins and mums, made a flier and some phone calls, and invited a few schools and daycares to visit.  Folks came out and I was happy and grateful. 

In 2012 we moved to our current location and our one-acre patch became 20!  To say we’ve grown is an understatement.  Calie’s Acre would not be what it is today without a lot of hard work, everyone who has worked with us, supported us in various ways and, of course, our family of customers.   

When I see a pumpkin it makes me smile, but when I see families together at Calie’s Acre it truly warms my heart. 

As a single mom, I didn’t get to spend time on field trips and outings with my son like I wished I could, so it brings me great joy to see families making memories.  THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your special moments and memories!  Your family and your support of my small business means the world to me!  Come see us soon!





original calies acre.jpg

Where it all began...

Calie circa 2009.jpg
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